Action Agenda released for historic preservation of the country’s ‘Legacy Cities,’ including Newark

The Preservation Rightsizing Network released a new “Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities” today, which details a new plan to address urban challenges in cities by advancing development while preserving cultural heritage, including the city of Newark.

The plan, which can be read here, is a nine-point strategy that intends to preserve legacy cities, also known as Rust Belt cities or shrinking cities, such as Newark, Detroit and Cleveland. They plan to adapt existing protection measures and introduce new ones to preserve the communities of these iconic cities, using successful example cities like Buffalo as a model.

The Agenda offers suggestions for potential preservation partners in allied fields, financing options, and the next steps needed for urban development and simultaneous preservation.

Newark was selected as a city due to the leadership and partnerships demonstrated during the planning and redevelopment of the Hahne & Company building, which had been abandoned for over 30 years, and will now house a grocery store, arts program space and affordable housing.

“The Action Agenda’s clarion call to carry forward the ‘legacy’ of legacy cities by preserving their stories entails an equally powerful call to amplify the voices of diverse new generations in retelling them” said Nancy Cantor, Rutgers University Newark Chancellor. “We are thrilled to be working with the Preservation Rightsizing Network to advance this shared agenda.”

The Preservation Rightsizing Network works with legacy cities to preserve local heritage and revitalize the built environment, by developing new tools to strength the communities for the future.

Featured image courtesy of the Preservation Rightsizing Network

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