• Welcome Newark’s young Olympic medalist back this Sunday with a homecoming parade at Military Park

    by Brick City Live Staff/August 25, 2016 Image: Screengrab of NBC news coverage of medal ceremony

newark4shakurOn Sunday, all of Newark has a chance to welcome the city’s Olympic champ back to town!

The calls for a homecoming parade started even before 19-year-old Newark native Shakur Stevenson stepped onto the Olympic podium in Rio to be awarded his silver medal, and the City of Newark has obliged.

The city will host a welcome home parade for Stevenson on Sunday, August 28th at noon starting in Newark’s Military Park. The eldest of nine, Stevenson got his start right here in Newark at the tender age of five, boxing under the tutelage of his grandfather, Wali Moses, who remains one of his coaches.

The bantamweight’s Olympic turn drew wide attention in the sports and mainstream press, and the young boxer caught the eye of Floyd Mayweather, who met with Stevenson in person in Rio, and of Sugar Ray Leonard, who sent Stevenson a personal pep talk after the gold medal eluded Stevenson in a close split decision bout with Robeisy Ramirez.

Despite that disappointment, the sports press seems to universally agree that a bright future awaits Stevenson, who brings the still-illustrious Olympic Silver back to his hometown.


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