Last week we introduced you to an Instagram profile, @humans.of.newark, which a college mentor and high school interns from Greater Newark Conservancy’s Newark Youth Leadership Project (NYLP) created so the voices and stories of residents and visitors of the city can be heard.

This week the students were able to sit down with Mekale and D’Aundra, a young couple from Newark and former interns in the Conservancy’s NYLP, where they candidly reminisced on their childhood and the times they have grown together.

In the place where they first met, unforgettable memories were shared, from the time when Mekale first asked D’Aundra out to their first kiss.

In the multi-part post, the couple shared their highs and lows in life, the moments when others around them gave up on them and the times when they used each other as support systems to keep going and make it through.

To see more of the beauty of their love, visit

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In addition to Mekale and D’Aundra’s story, the interns were able to share the testimonies of local business owners in Newark.

The H.O.N. founders visited PSE&G’s Farmer’s Market at Military Park where local businesses, including The Conservancy’s Newark Youth Leadership Project’s Farm Stand, are able to sell and promote their produce and interact with customers. Here, the students asked business owners and customers of Newark a whole range of questions about their personal lives and professional ventures. To see the responses, check out @humans.of.newark on Instagram.

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