West Ward Diary #26: On Unexpected Gifts: A Girl & Guy Thing and Off The Hanger

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neighborhoods cardPeople who live in Manhattan rarely leave their own five block radius. There is never any need. Everything they could ever want, need or imagine is there.
Not so for us Newark residents (with the possible exception of those in the Ironbound).

During the long weekend, I enjoyed a lazy day that included a trip downtown. During the week, all of downtown is open. On weekends, open storefronts are a little more unexpected. Meandering down Halsey, my eye was drawn up Linden Street by a seductive outdoor clothes rack — SoHo Style.

I had discovered AGT (A Girl & Guy Thing)  and Off The Hanger, located at 12 Linden Street.

This delightful fashion and furniture boutique opened only four months ago. It could easily be nestled in a Manhattan storefront (south of Houston, of course).  The al fresco clothes rack offered a magnificent variety: men’s shirts, ladies dresses, and the exact denim jacket I have been searching for since the 1990’s.

Sometimes you find a thing and you know it was made just for you. Something you know was yours all along. This was one of those times. I left “my” jacket on that sun dappled outdoor rack, and I went inside. When you are united with something meant for you, there is no need hurry and no need to claim it at once.

What I found inside was an unasked-for gift. A ceiling full of chandeliers and giant hangers, eight feet in diameter, on the walls. The giant hangers displayed a stunning variety of ladies’ clothes. Across the store are the men’s clothes, but as a confirmed bachelorette, my eyes were drawn to a closer display: sunglasses.

AGT and OTH, or simply “The Boutique,” offers every imaginable style, from 1960’s hippie-style to Edith Head, Audrey Hepburn-style shades. Truly this store was carefully and lovingly crafted to appeal to everyone.

From the shades and jewelry (yes, jewelry), I was drawn around the corner to housewares.

To my delight, the  housewares ceiling was also crowned with chandeliers. This housewares selection is more like a dream than a real store. It includes everything from crystal doorknobs to timeless and beautiful works of African art, to whimsical, floofy, fuzzy red pillows, to a couch designed with an eye toward Marie Antoinette’s Belle Epoch, and even a 1940’s style carved wood chair, reminiscent of the marvelous 1940’s film noir period. Indeed, something for everyone.

You can visit AGT  and OTH on 12 Linden Street five days a week. Both
will host a very special event on Friday July 22nd from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The owners  invite you to their sip, shop and mingle event featuring local designers: Yodenim, Daria, and more.

Frankly, if I were you, I would go sooner: I can only imagine how curious you are to know which of your possessions is in this store, waiting for you.

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