The Newark Museum is celebrating the final day of Modern Heroics: 75 Years of African-American Expressionism at the Newark Museum at its Second Sunday program on Sunday, January 8 from noon to 5 pm. The program features lectures; performances; tours; art and science demonstrations, and workshops; music; and baked goods. All events are free with admission unless otherwise noted. The Museum is located at 49 Washington St., Newark.

Highlights include:

Baked treats with music by the NJPAC Wells Fargo Jazz for Teens Ensemble
Noon-2 pm

Creative Play Drop-In
Noon-4 pm

Fantastic Creatures Large and Small: 3 to 5 year olds and their families explore the concepts of large and small using the Museum’s science exhibition Dynamic Earth.

Creative Play Backpacks
Noon-4 pm

Explore the Museum with a specially-developed set of tools and activities for ages 3 to 5 and their adult helpers.

Gallery Tours
12:30 pm –
 Led by Museum Explorers. Discover everyday heroes and their amazing stories. Explore the Asian and American galleries, and experience everyday acts of heroism.
1 pm – Ballantine House tour. Led by docents.
2 pm – Newark Museum Through the Eyes of Gallery Aferro Artists: Artist Layqa Nuna Yawar.
2 pm – Modern Heroics: 75 Years of African American Expressionism at the Newark Museum tour. Led by docents.

Alex Simmons: Creating a Graphic Novel Hero: How Blackjack Came to Life
1 pm
Join Alex Simmons, artist, writer, graphic novelist and founder of Kids ComicCon for a look inside the creation of his comic hero Blackjack, the adventure story of a globetrotting African-American soldier of fortune in the 1930s. Simmons describes the process of historical research, artistic experimentation and imagination involved in bringing a hero to life on the page.

Planetarium Shows
Note: Separate admission ticket is required.
1 pm –  Earth, Moon and Sky (Recommended for children ages 12 and under)Explore the relationship between Earth, moon and sun with the help of Coyote and Native American stories.  Learn about moon phases, eclipses, constellations and more.
3:30 pm – Navajo Sky (Recommended for adults and children over age 12) Join a Navajo family as they listen to elders tell stories about the constellations that were passed from generation to generation. Hear how the stars were placed in the sky and how they signal the seasons.

Family Gallery Workshops
1:30-3 pm

Children ages 5 to 12 and their families visit the galleries to explore portraits of heroes and then create their own images of someone they admire.

Gallery Maker Pop-Ups
2-4 pm 

Heroic Gestures: Try bigger-than-life, large-scale gestural drawing using the “human spirograph” techniques.
Photobooth: Pose with props that signal strength, learning, patience, determination and other heroic attributes.

Sci-Tech Heroes with Alex Simmons
3 pm

Join artist and writer Alex Simmons in a creative workshop to invent your own science and technology superheroes. Science facts transform into science-fiction superpowers through this guided hands-on drawing experience.

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