Large-scale textile sculpture exhibition “The Shape of Light” on view at the Newark Museum

“The Shape of Light: Gabriel Dawe” exhibition has come to the Newark museum, featuring large-scale installations and textile sculptures that engage their environment through several hundred thousand feet of colored thread.
The exhibition, which will run until January 10, is part of Dawe’s ongoing series titled “Plexus,” which reference “the network of nerves within the human body and the connections between the body and its environment,” the Newark Museum said.
Plexus no.30 and Plexus no.31 will create “luminous abstract environments that explore connections between textiles, architecture and people.”
The Mexico City born and raised artist alters textile fragments and garments with straight pins and other materials to create highly textured objects that are abstract and surreal.
The Plexus installations will transform and illuminate its architectural setting, and can be seen differently from multiple vantage points.
“The taut angular forms are built up from fine lines of thread that, through repetition, create a monumental presence,” the Newark Museum said.
“One thing fashion and architecture have in common is their function of protecting the individual,” Dawe said. “By taking the main component of clothing—sewing thread—and generating an architectural structure with it, scale and material are reversed to create a new construction that no longer shelters the material needs of the body, but instead creates something that is symbolic of the non-physical structures humanity needs to survive as a species.”
The Shape of Light will include two large-scale installations along with smaller works that spotlight the art’s unique process with a variety of materials. These other works include embroidery, sculpture and clothing.
“Gabriel Dawe has a way of reading physical spaces and creating installations that both animate and open up the architecture they inhabit,” said Steven Kern, CEO and Director of the Newark Museum. “We are thrilled to be able to bring his brilliant installations to the New York-Newark region for the first time and for people to encounter these wonderful works firsthand.”
Alongside Dawe’s exhibition, the Newark Museum will also open several other exhibitions of modern and contemporary works that explore color and surface pattern in different mediums. The exhibitions include “Outside the Lines: Color Across the Collection” and “Chromatic: Minimalism and Color Field Experiments.”
“Gabriel’s inventive approach to layering color and repurposing conventional materials presents a perfect opportunity to highlight our strong holdings of modern and contemporary abstraction and color field works in the American collection and across the collections,” the exhibitions’ curator Tricia Laughlin Bloom, Ph.D., said.
For more information visit the museum’s website. The museum is located at 49 Washington St. in Newark and is open Wednesday throughSunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.