New Jersey votes. Newark mayor leads.

The New York Times ultimately endorsed Newark mayor Cory Booker for the U.S. Senate Democratic primary, but it acknowledged  nonetheless that New Jerseyans are “lucky to have a choice among four candidates with solid credentials: two with experience in Congress and good voting records; one who has worked hard at the state level on women’s issues, in particular; and one who made a national name for himself by bringing new thinking, honesty and compassion to the hidebound, corrupt and cold city government in Newark.

Here are the cases endorsers made for each of the New Jersey Democratic primary candidates:

Cory Booker: “As mayor, he has lured big money to Newark’s schools — notably a matching grant of $100 million from Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of Facebook. And he has worked well with Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, on areas of agreement in crime, development and education. That ability to work with the political opposition could be an asset for Mr. Booker if the ice age of a divided Congress ever ends.” – The New York Times

Rush Holt: “In sharp contrast to some of the other candidates in the primary race, Holt has a record of leadership on women’s and progressive issues. He has been willing to stand up and defend the rights of women, the LGBTQI community, and the hardworking voters in his district, even when it has meant challenging the political status quo.” – New Jersy National Organization for Women

Sheila Oliver: “As dedicated legislator and glass ceiling breaker, Sheila has demonstrated her commitment to issues important to women and families like co-sponsoring the law to create the Department of Children and Families and would continue to bring her passion and advocacy to her work in Washington.” – Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey

Frank Pallone: “When my husband needed help on environmental issues in the House of Representatives, he always knew what to do. He called Frank Pallone. Frank Pallone was the go-to guy who had the experience and know-how to get things done…He and Frank Pallone worked together on cleaning up Superfund and brown field sites, holding polluters accountable, stopping ocean dumping and protecting New Jersey’s beaches.” – Bonnie Lautenberg, widow of former U.S. Senator from New Jersey Frank Lautenberg

To find out where to cast your vote, look up your address in New Jersey’s polling location database.

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    New Jersey votes. Newark mayor leads. – Brick City Live

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    New Jersey votes. Newark mayor leads. – Brick City Live

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    New Jersey votes. Newark mayor leads. – Brick City Live

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