Introducing our new “artist-in-residence” feature

Each month, a Newark-based artist will lend their work, sentiments, and inspiration to the Arts section of Brick City Live. The parameters we set for exactly how they’ll execute that are very few, and the creative control they’ll have is nearly absolute – these are artists we’re talking about, after all.

We hope this feature will help you discover new artists and give you a small window into the vibrancy of the artist community here in Newark. This is the smallest sliver of the talent working right here in town.

Our first artist-in-residence will be Tim Dingman. He was the principal photographer for the Open Doors arts festival that took place here in Newark last month, and graciously shared those photos with Brick City Live. Tim is a photographer who has been living and working in Newark for the past three years. He’s currently showing his work at City Without Walls (cWOW) in the exhibit, “Newark, Can You Be Thus? A Creative De-Struction”. Check out his inaugural post, “‘The working artists’s rag’: an introduction,” here.

Although the artist-in-residence for a given month will be given a significant share of voice in the arts section, we’ll still continue to profile artists and consider op-eds – in both written and visual formats – from people who would like to contribute. We have artists lined up through the end of the year, but if you’d like to be considered for a month next year, or nominate a Newark-based artist to be considered, please send an email with subject “artist-in-residence” to

We hope you’ll enjoy the new feature.

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