The Gateway Project announces open call for Open Doors artists [deadline]

This year's Open Doors art festival is set to take place from October 9 through November 16, and The Gateway Project has announced an open call for arists to participate in their Open Doors exhibit, but the deadline is fast approaching. Artists have until Friday, September 19, to submit their proposals:

In keeping with the 2014 theme of ‘literary greats’, The Gateway Project invites artists to participate in an exhibition, Prologue-Epilogue, which embraces the idea of narrative framework.

The literary understanding of a ‘prologue’ is an introduction to a larger story or text, similarly a ‘prologue’ can also be understood as a precursory event that leads to another occurrence. An ‘epilogue’ functions in the inverse sense- completing and/or anticipating occurrences happen beyond the traditional end of a narrative.

The trajectory of ‘pre’ and ‘post’ is one that can be applied to the story of Newark’s continually morphing art scene, which is the central focus of the exhibition. Prologue – Epilogue dually addresses both personal and collective narratives that, as the title implies, look towards the past or the future.  Artists are asked to address either or both the ideas of “pre” and “post”. Additionally, a component of the show will specifically address the narrative of the Newark Art’s Scene, in conjunction with the Open Door’s celebration of art in the city.

Those interested in submitting have until September 19 at 5 p.m. to submit a project statement, artist bio, CV, and three to five images of past work to The $25 processing fee is to be paid through PayPal.