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Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche: Newark’s financial literacy ‘valedictorian’

Best-selling author Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche and I met at Elbow Room in Newark recently to discuss her financial literacy career, which she launched in Newark, and which has truly taken off over the past 18 months. Depending on the day, you can spot her on your television, in your Twitter feed, on the Huffington Post, speaking […]

What about the shootings?

My name is Andaiye Taylor. I am a journalist and entrepreneur, and I created BrickCityLive.com, which I officially launched about three weeks ago. As of today, I personally write the vast majority of the stories on this site. Given the recent spate of shootings in town that have gotten so much press, and given the ongoing violence […]

Shot of the day: Let there be light

With construction crews plowing away at the ground that will constitute the foundation of the new Prudential tower on Broad Street, the historic Hahne & Company building, which will literally sit in the tower’s shadow, seems fallow and lonely by comparison. But at just the right angle, at the right time of night, you might […]

Last night in Newark: Entrepreneurs “down under” at Artisan Collective

Last night, Newark-based business sustainability group ForwardEver NJ hosted their ReMixx entrepreneur networking gathering at Artisan Collective, the subterranean specialty craft store and event space at 25 Halsey Street. The group, founded by FEMWORKS CEO Kimberlee Williams, and co-helmed by Karen Brown-Stovell, will also be hosting TEDx Broad Street in early November. Williams and Brown discussed the […]

Exactly why are we launching a Style section?

Just in time for Fashion Week right across the Hudson, we’re happy to announce the launch of the Style section of Brick City Live! Check out the inaugural post by our Featured Style Correspondent, creative director and style genius (seriously) Citi Medina. A word about why we’re doing it, and what you should expect: Newark […]

It’s Monday 9/9: Five things we’re thinking about

This week, we’re 1) contemplating an even tougher-than-normal couple weeks in Newark, using one of our original stories to shed light, 2) continuing to bone up on the fundamentals of the conflict in Syria, 3) keeping an eye on the potential perils of living near airports, and, since those first three topics are so grave, […]