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A traveler’s Newark: McGovern’s Tavern is an 80-year-old Newark mainstay

McGovern’s Tavern first opened its signature green doors in Newark back in 1936. Nearly 80 years later, the pub continues to reinvent itself while maintaining its storied past. A new patrons will likely be drawn to the display of helmets hanging from the ceiling. McGovern’s gathered the collection over the past 20 years from former police […]

The third annual Unity Day Festival on Avon Avenue is on September 6. And they’ll attempt a Guinness World Record

In just over a week, the third annual Power Of One Unity Day Festival will kick off on Saturday, September 6, at 10 a.m. on Avon Avenue between Treacy Avenue and 14th Street. The Unity Day festival was originally organized in 2012 by a group of ministers, including Minister Marvin Cratch, after a bullet pierced a window of the Good Samaritan […]

Newark skate culture descends on Washington Park for Skate BBQ event

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, skateboarders from Newark and other neighboring areas converged on Washington Park for a Skate BBQ event. This was the first time such a skateboarding event has been held in Washington Park, and judging by the turnout, skateboarding enthusiasts jumped at the opportunity to display their moves and tricks on the five ramps the […]

A challenge from a teenaged son. Then a mission to educate and empower Newark youth

Al-Tariq Best is the founder of FP YouthOutCry, a non-profit organization that has been serving Newark's youth and families for more than eight years. But working intently towards a better future for Newark wasn’t always in this lifelong Newarker's plans. “I was involved with the music business since I was nine years old,” said Best. “I even have […]

Inside a Newark pop-up coworking space, a popup coffee house

=Space, the popup coworking space whose launch we previously reported on, features a multitude of amenities for entrepreneurs, but perhaps its most popular feature so far has been its test kitchen, which is named Socialisto. The space's founders are actually using their coworking space to incubate a new business: Socialisto is yet another one of Medina=Citi’s latest business ventures. […]

Halsey Street’s Art Kitchen is the people’s office. (And their iced coffee hits the spot.)

I don’t really drink coffee, but when I get less than four hours of sleep, I tend to make an exception. Today was one of those days. Since I was early for a meeting at the NJIT campus and I didn’t want to fall asleep mid-meeting, I decided to get some coffee at the highly recommended Art Kitchen cafe, which was within walking distance. […]

=Space is just the first step for Medina=Citi

Medina=Citi is a graphic arts and multimedia design house, and the firm’s founders say it has constantly been involved with emerging technologies. It launched six years ago in Brooklyn, New York, but has spent the last five years in Newark. Though they choose to rely 100% on word-of-mouth advertising, it has not stopped them from […]

Tim Aumueller and MedPro wellness aim to improve Newark’s health

With the increasing amount of new, successful entrepreneurs popping up in the Newark area, one could be misled into thinking that starting your own business is an easy venture. Tim Aumueller is one of the founders of MedPro Wellness, a mobile wellness solution that focuses on coming up with safe, effective, individualized programs for patients and employees […]