How it happened: Melvin Sykes gives us the background story about how the M&M’s pop-up shop came to Newark

business cardMars Chocolate announced recently that M&M’s would be bringing a Halloween pop-up shop to Newark. The shop, which is open to parents or guardians and their children through  7 p.m. Wednesday night, saw lines snaking from its 744 Broad Street storefront location around the block to Clinton Street.

Melvin Sykes, a Newark native and residential and commercial real estate agent with Assurance Realty, gave us the background on how the shop came together. Just off the heels of his successful fashion pop-up shop in the same location, Sykes plans to expand the pop-up concept further into the holiday season and beyond.

Andaiye Taylor: How did the M&M pop-up deal come together?

Melvin Sykes: It was a meeting of the minds with Larry Abel and Marie Brown Moore of Emerita USA, who is the landlord of 744 Broad Street, also known as The National Newark Building.  We also worked in conjunction with Newark Downtown District, who provided security and support for the event.

Taylor: How did M&M find you?

Sykes: Larry Abel of Abel McAllister Design, a company that specializes in event production and brand marketing, was in search of a centrally-located space for a client to distribute fifteen thousand costumes to the children of Newark. He came across my Newark Pop-Up Shop signage from the previous fashion event I put together . We met, and the space met the client’s criteria. That client happened to be M&M’s.

Taylor: What are your plans for bringing together more pop-up engagements like this in the future?

Sykes: I’m in talks with various landlords to create pop-up stores and seasonal holiday markets in vacant retail spaces both downtown and in other Newark neighborhoods.

Featured image courtesy Melvin Sykes