Learn how to start an online Etsy craft store with Rutgers entrepreneurship course

Designers, jewelry makers, and craftsmen of all kinds who are looking to sell their handmade goods have an opportunity to learn how to tackle the online market. A new Rutgers Business School class will help local craft makers establish their own Etsy.com store, market their products globally, and earn extra income.

The Rutgers University Newark Business School’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development is partnering with Etsy.com to train creative entrepreneurs and help them grow their independent business. Etsy.com is an e-commerce site that globally connects independent artists and designers with shoppers looking to purchase unique handmade goods.

The course will cover a range of topics such as setting up the online shop, time management, branding, pricing, shipping, and photography. Students will also be able to list up to 20 items for sale on Etsy.com for free.

Applicants must have at least one handmade craft item ready to sell and an idea for a related line of products for their online store. They must have never made any sales on Etsy.com, reside in New Jersey, have a credit card and checking account, and regular access to an internet connection.

There are only 15 spaces open in the class, and interested participants must apply online by August 31 here. Selected participants must commit to attending two hour evening sessions on Tuesdays from September 15 to October 6, and a five hour session on Saturday, October 10.

The course will be taught by Becky Garcia, an artist who sells her own craft items online at Etsy and will coach students on how to achieve the same success.

The Rutgers University Newark Business School CUUED is located at 1 Washington Park in Newark.

Featured image via Creative Commons