Newark, it’s your time to shine (and assign!). Tell what stories to report, and come along for the ride.

Introducing Curious Brick City – tell us what to write, then help us report!

curious bclIt’s been a little over two years since signed onto the web with our first batch of stories. In that time we’ve gone through a few makeovers, added new platforms, brought on new writers, tried tons of experiments and widened our subject matter.
Now we want to incorporate even more of the community into how we write and report stories.

Brick City Live is one of three New Jersey newsrooms that is working with Hearken, a technology platform that lets members of the public assign stories to us, and even accompany us as we do the reporting. Along with our colleagues at NJTV and New Brunswick Today, we’ll be opening up the editorial and reporting process to all of you. Our version of this technology is called Curious Brick City, and here’s how it works:

This is our Curious Brick City module

This is our Curious Brick City module

Step 1 – Submit your question: You might have already seen our Curious Brick City module on our homepage and story pages. From now until October 31st we’ll be running our first open question round, and you can use that space to ask us a question about Newark that you’d like us to report. Tell us something you’d like to know or better understand about the city.

Step 2 – Vote on questions: Once the first question round is closed, we’ll select the top three questions that meet our guidelines, and open our module up for voting from November 1st to November 7th. During that time you can vote for the question you’d like to see us report. If your question makes the voting round, don’t forget to recruit your family and friends to vote for you.

Step 3 – Help us report: If your question is chosen by our readers, we’ll ask you a little more about how and why you came up with the idea, and you can even come along to help us report the story! One of our goals is to expose more of you to the process of newsmaking, and to use more of the community’s insights and expertise to make our reports better for everyone.

To find the Curious Brick City module and ask questions, just look to the right of our homepage and story pages, or visit on mobile to ask your question. We can’t wait to hear what you all come back with!