Five things we’re thinking about: Week of November 11

This week, we’re 1) remembering our veterans, 2) appraising John Sharpe James, our new council at-large member, 3) appreciating the Poor Kingz’ street art, 4) looking at Cory Booker’s first week in the Senate, and 5) voting for Brick City Live to earn more funds so we can do more work!

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John Sharpe James has been sworn in as one of four council at-large members

john sharpe james city hall

Brick City Live interviewed James when he was still a candidate. Read his full remarks here. Money quote:

What is your vision for Newark? What is your thesis for running?

Right now, Newark is in survival mode. The average Newarker just wants government services. They want the garbage picked up, they want police, they want protection, they want to be able to walk the streets, they want quality schools, they want a good, quality life, which does not exist right now.

There’s no responsibility. No one’s owning up to any of the crime or violence or murders that we have right now. And we need more people in government to speak out, instead of using Newark as a stepping stone, moving on to the next position or title, and not concentrating on what’s going on right now.

So as a military veteran, as a law school graduate, as a Morehouse College graduate, I feel that I do have input as a Newark resident and homeowner, into what goes on in the city. My major background is in the military, where I spent 23-and-a-half years. So I’ve been serving my country, and now I feel it’s time to serve the community.


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Today is Veteran’s Day

There are over 7,000 veterans living in Newark according to the latest census data. For veterans looking for jobs and services, check out the GI Go Fund, which is based in Newark.

veterans day


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The Associated Press reviews Cory Booker’s first week as a Senator


By way of the Huffington Post:

Known for his soaring oratory and confidence, he is now listening and asking questions, sometimes seeming overwhelmed or confused — and showing glimmers of his cheeky sense of humor amid the business of the day.

He said he plans to advocate for New Jersey residents, hoping to ensure they receive unclaimed earned-income credits and helping victims of Superstorm Sandy. He met with an ethics officer to see how he can leverage private-public partnerships for New Jersey, as he did in Newark — most famously with a $100 million donation from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to the city schools.

Read the full article here.


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The Poor Kingz

Poor KingzYou’ve seen their street art all around town. Brick City Live came face-to-face with a member of the collective this weekend. For a window into the ethos that inspires their work, get into their Tumblr page:

Image: Poor Kingz Tumblr page


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Vote for Brick City Live!

vote for brick city live

Brick City Live is the finalist in a competition to win seed funding, and a simple vote from our readers can go a long way towards helping us produce more content, hire freelancers and interns, and even host events! To check out our pitch video, go here. To vote for Brick City Live, go here. Remember: there are two prizes, so you most vote for Brick City Live and one other company in order for your vote to count. Pass it along! (And while you’re at it, be sure to share our stories if you like those, too.)

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