Exactly why are we launching a Style section?


Just in time for Fashion Week right across the Hudson, we’re happy to announce the launch of the Style section of Brick City Live! Check out the inaugural post by our Featured Style Correspondent, creative director and style genius (seriously) Citi Medina. A word about why we’re doing it, and what you should expect:

Newark is a place brimming with style. From the shops and boutiques along Halsey Street that offer curated selections (old-school Newarkers will remember when Naughty by Nature had a shop there), to fashion-forward kids and adults alike who put together looks with unique flair, Newark is a place whose distinct attitude includes a distinct style point of view. We think it’s an important enough point of view to highlight not only for Newark, but for the rest of the world. After all, it’s the organic ingenuity of both street style and professional styling from places like Newark that often make their way into the mainstream.

And Citi Medina is a man brimming with style – so much so that he injects it into every facet of his life. He knows the value of an impression: those of us who have visited the headquarters of Medina=Citi in Newark know just how much attention he pays to the environment where he does business. He can be fly from every style direction, yet always looks very much like himself. His style first caught my eye when he turned a plain school desk into a beautiful piece of home décor.

Not only is he a style genius, the Brooklyn native has shown his love for and commitment to the city of Newark time and time again. He has put down deep roots here, using the city as a home base for his highly successful design haus, and helping many a Newark-based business and entrepreneur put their best foot forward.

What can you expect from Citi Medina?

  • Dress to showcase you: Style isn’t just rocking the latest trends – it’s about making clothing work for you to showcase your personal style. Medina helps you identify your style point of view, the best clothing for your body type, and your most complimentary color palettes. And shows you how to use that knowledge to make great style choices.
  • Style guides: Need a start for looks you can customize for your personal style? He’ll be offering style guides for men and women.
  • Newark talent: Highlighting style havens, resources, and talent straight out of Brick City. He’ll also be covering street style. Think you should be featured? Email style@brickcitylive.com.
  • …and more! Because creative talent can’t be constrained by bullet points.

So check out Citi Medina’s first post today, as well as style posts every Wednesday and Saturday. For alerts about his latest posts, like Medina on Facebook and Twitter, like Brick City Live on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for Style alerts from us here.

Heck, you can even follow me! I tweet about being a journalist and entrepreneur here.

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    Exactly why are we launching a Style section? – Brick City Live

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    Exactly why are we launching a Style section? – Brick City Live

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    Exactly why are we launching a Style section? – Brick City Live

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    Exactly why are we launching a Style section? – Brick City Live

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