Beautiful Zow Marketplace Popup Shop

As of today, there are now two artisan marketplaces running in town. This afternoon marks the launch of the Beautiful Zow Marketplace Popup Shop at The Coffee Cave. The shop is a collaboration between HelloBeautiful and ZingaZow, and will feature vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories, music, handmade arts and crafts, and massages. The shop’s producers will be hosting a Black Friday day party from 2pm to 8pm today to kick off the shop.

The shop will be open daily from noon to 7pm, and will run through January 1, 2014. It will also feature events on specific days:

  • 11/29 PopShop Newark Black friday shopping day party 2-8pm
  • 11/30 Small business Saturday Support your local small business’s
  • 12/2 Game Night 6-9pm
  • 12/4 Craft Night 6-9pm
  • 12/9 Game Night 6-9pm
  • 12/11 Craft Night 9-9pm
  • 12/15 Black Magic Music Concert Hosted by Sheikia S. Norris
  • 12/18 Craft Night 6-9pm
  • 12/23 Game Night 6-9pm
  • 12/25 Craft Night 6-9pm
  • 12/29 Beautiful Zow Kwanzaa Celebration and closing of Popshop Newark. 5-9pm

For more information on the shop, see the Beautiful Zow Marketplace’s event page on Facebook.

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