Revolution ’67 documentary detailing seminal days in Newark’s history will re-air Tuesday, March 1

Local filmmaking couple Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno’s documentary Revolution ’67 will air Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at 8 p.m. on World Channel, as part of the fourth season of America Reframed, a public media series hosted on the channel by Natasha Del Toro.

Starting Wednesday March 2nd, the film will be available for free streaming on

The documentary offers first-person accounts that detail and analyze the social climate that led to the conflagration here in Newark, which sparked on July 12, 1967 after word spread through town that taxi driver John Smith had been fatally beaten by police. National Guard and New Jersey State Troopers were summoned to reinforce local police to contain the rebellion.


The climate within Newark leading up to the rebellion gets detailed treatment in the film. Commentators highlight inequalities in policies concerning mortgage lending and redlining, urban renewal efforts, and the expansion of highways that mowed over neighborhoods and upended stability in the places that were left. These conditions, which were replicated in municipalities all over the country, resulted in massive concentrations of poverty that continue to leave their mark on Newark today.

The film reveals how a spontaneous revolt against poverty and police brutality ended as a fateful milestone in urban America’s struggles over race and economic justice – one that still leaves its mark in the present day.

Find World Channel on Comcast channel 209 and FIOS channel 473. The film will also stream online at starting March 2nd.