sports cardThe days are getting shorter and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Yes, it’s true summer is winding down.

But there is a palpable excitement in the air, growing every day, and you can feel it. It’s that time again; football is back!

This is the time of year when millions of Americans are anxiously counting the days before the regular season kickoff. Whether you’re a die-hard fan that bleeds Blue or just love the Sunday ritual of having a good time with good friends, it’s the one sport that has something for everyone. (Click here if you’re new to the sport and would like to learn the basic rules of the game, and here to see or download the complete 2016 NFL rulebook.) will be working working with our friends at In Full Disclosure sports radio to bring you weekly profiles of upcoming games and the best places to catch the action in the city. Look out for our first installment next Wednesday, September 7th. In the meantime, we want to know: what’s your team, and where in Newark is your favorite place to watch? Let us know in the comments.

Here is the opening week schedule

Thursday, September 8

  • Carolina/Denver 8:30 PM (NBC Sports)

Sunday, September 11

  • Green Bay/Jacksonville 1:00 PM(FOX)
  • Buffalo/Baltimore 1:00 PM(CBS)
  • Chicago/Houston 1:00 PM(FOX)
  • Cleveland/Philadelphia 1:00 PM(CBS)
  • Tampa Bay/Atlanta 1:00 PM(FOX)
  • Minnesota/Tennessee 1:00 PM(FOX)
  • Cincinnati/New York 1:00 PM(CBS)
  • Oakland/New Orleans 1:00 PM(FOX)
  • San Diego/Kansas City 1:00 PM(CBS)
  • Miami/Seattle 4:05 PM(CBS)
  • Detroit/Indianapolis 4:25 PM(FOX)
  • New York/Dallas 4:25 PM(FOX)
  • New England/Arizona 8:30 PM (NBC)



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