ICYMI: Beautiful Valentine’s Day tribute to area seniors at Duke’s Southern Table (Photos)

community cardIn case you missed it! While we were celebrating forty Newark love stories here on BrickCityLive.com, Essex County seniors age sixty and up were receiving in-person tributes from the community for Valentine’s Day. The first annual “Love & Legacy Date” took place on Valentine’s Day at Duke’s Southern Table in Newark, and saw its “seasoned citizen” honorees get taken on “dates” by their younger counterparts. The event, presented by The Brickerati and Arnie’s Big Picture Tales, was premised on the idea that seniors should be appreciated, honored, and adored.

“For far too long, a generation that has birthed us, encouraged us, and nurtured us, is so often neglected. Organizing this event introduced a new challenge that we hope catches on,” said Renaldo DaSilva, Love & Legacy Date Night Committee Chairman, according to an event press release.

Vonda McPherson, owner of Duke’s Southern Table, added: “This initiative is such a great idea because it not only gives us the opportunity to show we care by giving back to those who have forged the way for us, but it also gives us a chance to receive their wisdom. Seniors are so vital to our community.”

See photographs of the event below.

All images courtesy The Brickerati