• The "life" in life insurance: "Masterpiece of Love" presentation at Newark Museum shows survivor stories

    by Newswire/November 15, 2016 (Featured image: Harold Banks)

people cardPrudential’s “Masterpiece of Love” initiative is a multi-part webisode series honoring stories of life, love, loss and the power of the human spirit—and how life insurance plays a crucial role in each. The series features interviews with four people who have survived significant personal loss and how that experience changed the trajectory of their lives: the sudden death of a spouse; the protracted illness and death of a parent, managing a debilitating illness while running a successful small business, and more. Central to each survivor’s story is a recollection of memories through pictures, writings and other small mementos.

The items from each story served as inspiration for a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art celebrating the survivor’s journey. Film crews then stepped inside each artist’s studio, capturing both process and personal connection to the work being created through one-on-one interviews. Each webisode will end with footage from a special gallery unveiling where the survivor sees the work for the first time—an actual Masterpiece of Love that now belongs to them forever.

Interviews with survivors and artists was conducted by Hal Williams, who was 10 years old when his father died. In his interview questions and narration during each webisode, Williams connected personally with the survivors and artists, sharing perspectives in dealing with the death of a loved one and the many complex realities of life that follows it.

The special gallery unveiling was held on Thursday, October 27 at the Newark Museum.  The survivors, their families, the artists, key Prudential leaders and others gathered to view displays that include the artwork, summaries of stories, personal mementos and a video presentation of the participants’ journeys that led up to the gallery unveiling of the “Masterpiece of Love” art works.

Above (left to right):

Featured survivor Dawn Fitch, artist Bisa Butler and chief executive officer of Prudential Individual Life Insurance and Prudential Advisors Kent Sluyter discuss the artistic inspiration for the masterpiece of love created.

Prudential Financial’s Barbara Ernst and an event attendee viewing one of the masterpieces of love.



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