Conversing with martyrs in Serron Green’s Index Art Center exhibit, U.S. vs US

Engaging with the work and message of people featured is in the exhibit is a way to pay back these martyrs.

In Brief: Newark Arts awards grants to 19 local organizations

Nineteen local arts groups have been awarded micro grants from Newark Arts through its ArtStart program.

City Without Walls has closed its doors. What happens next?

Newark’s oldest alternative gallery was caught in the headwinds of macroeconomic forces and a shifting funding landscape. Will it see a new day?

Ceaphas Stubbs’ “Phantom Limb” at Robeson Galleries

Phantom Limb, Ceaphas Stubbs’s current exhibit at the Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery at Rutgers, reconsiders the process of romantic recovery.

The Willows at Symphony Hall reveals promise, and trials, of artist housing development

The Willows at Symphony Hall in Newark’s Lincoln Park was meant for artist housing, but artist applicants were harder to come by than expected. How city orgs are using the experience to think about future artist-centered projects.

Newark Print Shop

Newark Print Shop built a loyal community. Now they need a new space

It might seems like yesterday when $187 per month was enough for Lisa Conrad to lease an art studio out of 585 Broad Street in Newark, but it was actually six years ago.

Caged play Passage Theatre

The most important play in New Jersey was written by 28 prison inmates and a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist

How they came together to write and produce a seminal and wrenching play about the ravages of mass incarceration.

Newark Museum Asian art exhibition opens

The exhibition will showcase a wide range of construction techniques used throughout the Asian continent.

With The Gathering 1.0, a Newark Arts class photo

In Fall 2017, Newark Arts hosted two historic photo shoots to commemorate the 16th Annual Open Doors Citywide Arts Festival.