Showcase you sandbox

I am setting the record straight: style is not about wearing the latest trends or, dare I put it out there, the best name brands. Style is infusing your personality, interests, and life story into your look. It is the creation of a unique visual that is great only because it is 100% you.

So I thought I’d share some ways I see people creating personal style. I’ll lay out some general styles so you can decide which you gravitate towards, but remember: it is about you…it always has been.

Men Style

Women Style 

These are just a few types of styles. There are so many others, and they mean different things to different people. My desire is to show and identify some of them, and to see where you may find yourself. You can even mix them up and give me modern with vintage touches. The rule is: there is no rule.

Perhaps you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself. You might want to jump from one to the other and be a style chameleon. I know I do on a given day. I can be vintage and jump into a hip hop look with ease. Sometimes a modern aesthetic is calling me, and another day calls for my maximum sartorialist look a la Mad Men. The point here is to know them and infuse the different aspects of yourself into them. After all, that is what style is all about.


Which Style do you gravitate towards? Let me know?



Sneak peak: The sentinel of Broad and Market

We ask again: do you know this man?

He’s Max Henry, and he’s been selling house music and classics at Broad and Market streets for 20 years (disclosure: I’m a customer). BrickCityLive hung out with Henry this weekend to talk music, politics, who is benefitting from changes in Newark, who is not, and his not-so-hidden artistic talent. Look out for the full interview following our beta launch next week.

Shot of the Day: The Sports Authorities

Has Jay Z lost touch with his audience? Is it possible to do business with a person you know is prejudiced against your race?  How easy is it to publicly speak about yourself for ten minutes straight? Do lakes have currents?

All Access 660’s Sunday morning show is about sports – and there’s plenty of deep sports analysis during the two-hour broadcast – but the team also  uses sports as a launching pad for discussions about many other topics during the program, including music and pop culture, race, and current events.

The show airs live on Sundays from 10am to 12pm. Podcasts of previous shows are available on


Shot of the Day: Downtown Blues

R&B/Funk/Jazz band CornerPockit play Sly & the Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, and more during their rainy set at the Common Greens Farmers’ Market at PSE&G Square in Newark on Thursday, August 1.

Violent Rain, Peaceful People: Newark’s 8th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival – AllHipHop

Newark, New Jersey is going through a transformation for the better and it is being aided by its still prominent music scene. The three-day Lincoln Park Music Festival culminated on Sunday (July 28th) with a gathering of Hip Hop … …read more

Source: Violent Rain, Peaceful People: Newark’s 8th Annual Lincoln Park Music Festival – AllHipHop