‘The Prize’ and the police

Rachel Wagner contemplates the ways we talk about fear, freedom and social investments while reading Dale Russakoff’s book, ‘The Prize,’ an investigation of Newark Schools, and attending a recent panel at NJPAC that contemplated Newark’s next 50 years.

Freeloading: Men challenging toxic masculinity at Newark Public Library

Rachel considers a recent panel on toxic masculinity at Newark Public Library.

Reading “Children of Blood and Bone” for People’s Book Club

Rachel reads Children of Blood and Bone with People’s Book Club at Gallery Aferro.

Ceaphas Stubbs’ “Phantom Limb” at Robeson Galleries

Phantom Limb, Ceaphas Stubbs’s current exhibit at the Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery at Rutgers, reconsiders the process of romantic recovery.

Young women staged a play at NJPAC I didn’t know my teen self needed

Newark girls claimed their time in this production of Slut: The Play at NJPAC.

Chaos & Candy at The Comedy of (Jersey) Errors

Freeloading: Rachel and her sidekick headed across the border to Union to watch zany mishaps unfold.